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Total Turnover(in Rupees):- 11-25 lakh
No of Emp :- 11 - 50 People
Year of Establishment : 2010
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Ownership Type or Legal :- Limited Liability/Corporation (Privately Held)
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Manufacturers And Suppliers For Geosynthetic Products
Gayatri polymers & geosynthetics is dedicated team of civil engineers, polymers engineers and geotechnical experts committed to provide world class services for civil engineering and environmental solution using spatiality geosynthtics products. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetic Symbolize is ISO 9001 / 2000 certified manufacturing company having state of art blown film multilayer wide width higher thickness and high output film / sheet plant. We can process P E – HD / LD / MLD / LLD. We are the only manufacturer in India to introduce textured one side / both side geomembrane. We follow international standards and have full fledged in house testing laboratory to ensure stringent quality measures at production, post production and dispatch level. LDPE/HDPE film and sheet are U.V stabilized, black in colour. Impermeable flexible liner and are resistant to ground water source from being contaminated by the toxic leachate produced by water percolation through solid waste. Liquid waste, impoundment cut off walls, Gypsum stack, fly ash, and Municipal waste and spill containment system etc.
High Quality Geosynthetic Products Manufacturers And Suppliers
Geosynthetic Products have a wide range of applications in civil geotechnical, hydraulic, transportation, geoenvironmental and so on. They are available in many forms and materials with Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics that will suit different end use.
Geosynthetic Products, Geotextile, Geobags, HDPE PIPES, Geomembrane, Geocomposites, Geocell Application, COIR Geotextile, Gabion, Geogrids, Geonets, Jute Geotextile, Waterstop Bars

Geosynthetic Products have a wide range of applications in civil geotechnical, hydraulic, transportation, geoenvironmental and so on. They are available in many forms and materials with Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics that will suit different end use.   COIR Geotextile are flexible membranes manufactured from eco friendly natural fiber – woven or non woven. They are used in erosion control, embankment and so on. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics offers one of the best COIR Geotextile all over India.   Gabion is a cage or box filled with concretes or rocks used for shore protection, embankment and other similar application. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics offers Gabion manufactured from PP rope or PVC Coated G.I. wire filled with boulders.   Geobags are for slop protection, riverbank embankment and soil erosion. There are Geobags from woven and non-woven or polyester yarn available with Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics.   Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics offers Geocell Application by providing Geocell Adjustable series designed for more flexible insertion size than regular GeoGrid Section. There are 3 types of Geocell available with us with variations in wed spacing and cell density.   Geosynthetics which are combination of any from Geotextiles, GeoGrids/Geonets, Geomembranes are called Geocomposites. The materials and manufacturing methods vary with the composite Geosynthetics used. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics provides a variety in Geocomposites.   GeoGrid offers superior tensile reinforcement. They are flexible and very cost effective product compared to the traditional RC structure. They are available as uni-axial and bi-axial GeoGrid with Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics and can be supplied in diverse mesh sizes.   Geomembranes are basically impermeable sheets made from polymeric materials. They are mainly used in land fillings and road work. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics offers variety of Geomembrane manufacture with non-woven materials to avoid large voids in the material.    Geonets are stiffer and have large voids within material. They are use to strengthen fill materials in Geotechnical applications. Their strength can decrease differential settlement. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics offers Geonets that are of high-density polyethylene.   Geosynthetic clay liners are geo composite manufactured with a betonies clay sandwich between Geotextile where in one layer is woven Geotextile & other is needle punch non woven Geotextile. You can find one of the best quality Geo clay liners with Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics.   Geotextile is flexible covering of a fabric sheet. They always perform at least one of four distinct functions: separation, reinforcement, filtration, and/or drainage. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics supplies fabric sheets in Woven and non-woven materials.   HDPE Pipes are made from High Density Poly Ethylene. They are mainly used in water distribution, land filling and industries. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics provides high quality of HDPE Pipes for variety of application.   Jute Geotextile is permeable flexible membrane manufactured from natural fiber and is eco friendly biodegradable material. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics offers with woven or non woven type and mainly use in embankment, erosion control filter and so on.   PVC Waterstop bars are used for cooling towers, tunnels, fountains, water reservoir and so on. Gayatri Polymers & Geosynthetics is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC Waterstop and are supplying our product to Power plant, Refineries, Fertilizer plant and other agencies.

Geosynthetic Products At Affordable Rates

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